This D&AD brief challenged us to reposition menopause as something affecting people of all ages, highlighting how its absence from mainstream media is detrimental to women, trans-men and non-binary people of all ages. The outcome needed to tackle the lack of awareness surrounding menopause, positively disrupt stigmas and spread a new message to a wide audience.
Campaign Strategy and Design / Branding / 2021
2022 Best Awards Student Digital (Bronze), 2021 AGDA Student Identity (Distinction), 2021 AGDA Student Digital (Finalist)
Menopause is a completely natural part of life. Half the population will experience it, yet the world pretends it doesn’t exist. But it does. And it shows up in many different ways. With 93% of people feeling surprised by their symptoms, its time that menopause was represented as more than an old crazy lady with a hot flush. It’s time to make diverse menopause experiences visible.

R29 and The Case for Her has partnered to launch, UNPAUSE; a campaign, a platform, a conversation, uncovering menopausal experiences that are hiding in plain sight to highlight our unawareness.
The campaign begins with a series of real-world interruptions, disrupting content made by people who have/will transition to menopause, alerting us to how prevalent and diverse menopause is. Leading people through these disruptions to our microsite, we ensure lasting positive change by debunking myths and providing the resources and support necessary to educate and amplify individual experiences. Alerting the public to the plethora of people transitioning and their unique stories, UNPAUSE positively disrupts stigmas and educates the mainstream.
To make this message clear, UNPAUSE adopts a bold visual style, utilising a bright colour palette, strong san-serif typography and disruptive hand-generated marks. Inspired by powerful, protest campaigns, UNPAUSE sticks clear of stereotypical feminine, menopausal identities, ensuring our message reaches wider audiences and re-writes the menopausal narrative. 
Enough ignorance. See real representation. It’s time to unpause the menopause conversation. 

UNPAUSE. Let’s see menopause in the mainstream.

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