Brighton Lakes Recreation & Golf Course
​​​​​​​Challenged to promote a new era of Brighton Lakes Recreation & Golf Club, I was tasked to develop a cohesive brand strategy and identity which highlighted the club's new features, whilst also establishing it as the perfect place to enjoy a round of golf or dine and relax with friends. 
The chosen direction pays tribute to the relaxing beauty of the areas natural landscape, whilst also cementing the club as a refined, yet contemporary establishment for people of all ages to come and enjoy. Borrowing geometric line and circle elements from the existing logo creates a consistent system, whilst also developing a strong sense of authenticity and tradition within the brand. An outlined san-serif pairs perfectly with these geometric elements, and, when paired with the primary monospace typeface, imbues a strong sense of contemporary energy. Combining these strong elements with light photography and a minimalistic approach to layout maintains this contemporary approach whilst also highlighting the relaxing nature of the club and its landscape.
Branding / 2021
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